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Friday, 5 August 2011

Kyrenia castle Cyprus

Kyrenia castle situated in north of kyrenia city, kyrenia castle offers a landmark in the harbor area of Cyprus, and boast a rich history of North Cyprus. It is thought that the kyrenia castle may have been constructed around VIIAD; there is no exact record date of construction of this Cyprus castle.

The kyrenia castle has been a part of defense strategy against Arab attacks, and this defense strategy also include others castles including the castle of buffayento, ST hillarion castle and castle of kantara. This castle is build during the lusignan region.

Kyrenia castle is well prepared historical building and constructed during the byzantine, lusignan and Venetian period. King John of Cyprus has been constructed large section of the castle between 1208 and 1211 AD.

During the lusignan period royalty used the castle to protected city in time of war, or simply to relax during time of peace. In the 1300 BC, Venetian peoples attack was on this kyrenia castle and damage considerable.

For three centuries, from 1570 AD, the kyrenia castle moved in to ottoman king hands, after that this was used as a British school. In the 1960, the castle was used as a military head quarter by the Greek national security guard.

When you visit or explore kyrenia castle, you will find that this castle is combination of different nation tradition and culture.
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