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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Shopping in North Cyprus

The visitor of sandy land can find a huge range of good and services from the market of the Cyprus. Most of the popular brands are easily available in local market of the Cyprus. Local producer can purchase wide range of items from the market; you can find here wines at very low cost.

For example: Local brand wines retailing price is 1.10 dollar per bottle. These markets offer special discount up to 3% to 5 % on goods and services. The mostly food of super markets is provided by lemar and astro food companies.

You can find best shops of alcohol at cheaper rate in kyrenia and Nicosia super markets but remember to check the customer allowance on these products.

North Cyprus designer cloths are different style and qualities, price of the cloths are varying from shop to shop. There are number of latest fashion and accessories shops that can follow the modern trend frequently. You can find colorful cloths for children at cheaper rate.

Gold and silver shops are located in the center of the town in Sandy land. There price of the gold are according to design and Global market. Number of jewelries shops offer price which based on shapes, sizes and combined with colorful stones.

Market shops of North Cyprus has amazing collection of silk, cover, scarves, furniture, and pottery items. You can also purchase basket from the market, large basket are suitable for cloths and fruits.

Cities of North Cyprus have limited number of junk and cold ware house hold shops. Sandy land import many products from turkey including textile, carpet, copper, furniture and house hold items.

Markets in Cyprus

The market of the north Cyprus found in every major city like Famagusta, kyrenia and Nicosia, local people call this bazaar. Visitor of the market can find here fresh fruits, shops, cloths, handicraft and house hold items at cheaper rate.

North Nicosia market

At the beginning of 20th century, this city has more then 26 markets in whole city, but number has been divided over the pass few year. Today main shopping area of Cyprus is araka sokagi. The word “arasta: mean bazaar which is attached with the mosque. This bazaar was originally connected with selomiye camii.
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