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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Bellapais Cyprus Travel Guide

Bellapais is a historical village in the amazing country side of north Cyprus. Tranquil and Unspoilt, the village named after the 12th century Monastery Bellapais. Placed in hill at the foot of the five finger mountain range near are village of Kyrenia and about an hour from Larnaca. Bellapais provides amazing coastal views across the Cyprus Mediterranean Sea.

Bellapais became popular as the setting for Lawrence Durrell’s1956 autobiography bitter lemons of north Cyprus which explains the three years he spend on the land and has been famous ever since with travelers looking for peaceful, traditional atmosphere.

Full of narrow road which lead off the village main square, Bellapais has an amazing selection of cafes, restaurants and bars. Accommodation ranges from apartment and villas apartments to luxury hotels which are placed in the charming countryside around the town.

Placed about 5 miles from the coast, the town is conveniently positioned for the sandy beaches of kyrenia and Bellapais. The amazing clear blue sea here is best for the many water activities on provides including water skiing, surfing, parascending and jet-skiing. There are lots of dive areas in the location for scuba diving fans. Experience the coral, sea wrecks and amazing marine life in the hot Mediterranean Sea.

There are lots of locations in around Bellapais including the imposing party ruined Gothic Monastery Bellapais, the castle of St Buffavento, Kantara and Hilarion, the settlements of Catalkoy and Ozankoy and of course a cheap holiday to north Cyprus is not complete without a travel to the historical town of city Kyrenia. Here you will find the harbor which is dominated by city kyrenia castle, the shipwreck Museum which is house to a shipwrecked boat dating back to 300BC, nightclubs, shops, restaurants, bars and casinos. Do not forget to take a leisurely break at the true Tree of Idleness in Bellapais.

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