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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Cycling in Cyprus

Wile all year around beautiful sunshine North Cyprus is an amazing place for Cyprus. I made the 80 km round tour from Larnaca and Kapparis and back just 2 weeks before Christmas and the season was charming. I set off a pretty after first sun light at 6:15am and took a steady ride out, reaching three hours later in Larnaca for a welcome pot of tea at the pub meeting on the Promenade. The charming route from larnaca to Kapparis was the direct route to Larnaca, through the historical village of Liopetri, sotira, and Xylogagou and onto the sovereign army bases at Dhekelia quarter. There are some mountains from Dhekelia to Kapparis and it is very clear road all the way from larnaca and Dhekelia with a cycle path for about last 6km.

At first sun light it was pretty cool in December but 9 am the temperatures was pretty reasonable. In the month of winter it can be dark around 3 pm so make sure your sun lights with you if you are not 100% sure you will home before the. I was pretty delayed almost three hours on the return tour with a broken near punctures. Fortunately the spindle broke as I was leaving in Kyrenia I was able to take up a replacement at a domestic cycle shop.

If you are in Cyprus cycling in the summer seasonal months you will also want to time your ride carefully. On professional riders should consider mountain cycling in the midday sun where summer temperatures top 42 degree and humidity is at 90%. During top summer most riders should Cyprus cycle before about 12 am or after 6 pm.
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