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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Best places to visit in Cyprus

A holiday in Cyprus means a luxuries beach holiday for many travelers, but truth is that there are lots of best places to see and enjoy on this island. Cyprus was known as a beach and bars destination, recently years have seen a number of great changes on this island and there are great number of thing to do and see. Now we discuss here some best places to visit in Cyprus:

Visit ancient kourion

Kourion is most popular and important iconic archaeological area of Cyprus; you can see this destination near the town of episkopi. This Kourion city is homing of most extensive roman ruins of the world. The ancient kourion includes the house of Gladiators, public bath and Greco-Roman theater.

Troodos Mountain

The Troodos Mountains is biggest range of North Cyprus, and it is placed at the center of the sandy land.  The most famous mountain of this range is mount Olympus, which stands at 1950 meters. The troodos mountain range is most popular among the tourist and it untouched compared to other resort of the Cyprus.

Your taste buds

A trip to Cyprus will not be completed without a visit of local tavemas that can be placed at the dolted island. You can taste here real taste of local food and drink and also severed most influential dishes of Cyprus. You can also see some coffee shops and mouth watering Cypriot coffee shops. These coffee shops are located on every corner of the island and offer you best coffee of the Mediterranean.

Discover untouched Cyprus

If you not want to go busy area of Cyprus, then a trip to untouched Akamas area placed at west of this island. Akamas is the largest undeveloped land of Cyprus. If you have booked cheap holiday of Cyprus, ride or walk with a tour company around Akamas and enjoy rocky terrain.

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