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Friday, 8 July 2011

Thing to eat in Cyprus

Cyprus located at the end of the Mediterranean Sea has cuisine are mixture of many countries, many of person colonized this island at one time but another turbulent past.

In Middle East of the Cyprus people are loved of spice food like seeds, coriander and cumin with fresh herbs of parsley and coriander, one which always served with meal one way or another way.

These herbs are mixture of village salad made with olives, onion, lettuce, tomato and cucumber.
Add lots of olive oil, some small squeezed of lemon juice and grilled meat platter with herbs and sausages served with a few plates of appetiserke or tahini or tzataiki and meat meze.

But be warned, some mezes are enormous and so easy to dips which make new tend to fill up, before you will never tasty any where.

Especially, you want to taste afelia or stifado stew, if you are not a meat lover, don’t worry many vegetable dishes like aubergine and fasoles are made here.

Coastal town and villages always has fish on the menu and calamari always served light, quickly and deep fried with lemon squeeze, it is simply delicious.

This is a little ironic and served in a summer month, many of fish restaurants and smaller town run fresh lemons and fish.
In the mountain village of Cyprus, you will not get fresh fish but you will be cathchte mount watering aroma of souvla and BBQ.
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